Introduction to Web Designing & Its Components

The process of creating a website using graphics, content, layout etc is called web designing. Design is the first impression of a website and it matters highly. If you won’t pay enough attention to the design part, it can be risky. People leave a website as soon as they find it complicated and unattractive. Hope you don’t want to face it as it is the scariest part for businesses who deal online. Web design starts with an image in the mind of a web designer and other things follow. They use languages like CSS and HTML to build these web pages and use software like ‘Photoshop’ to form the primary design. Excellent web design keeps the ability to attract heavy traffic and helps a business to grow. This is why web designing is such a crucial thing when it comes to strengthening the online presence.

Web Design Components
There are some essential components that should be part of good web design. If these are enhanced with time, a website becomes highly effective in terms of attracting visitors. An easy to navigate site is the most user-friendly website. It does not frustrate people as they are being guided step by step in what they are looking for. Nicey places icons and menu impress users and they easily get accessibility to different pages of a website. A site with too many useless links irritates users, and they become confused about their search. It is one of the most crucial components of good web design. You want your users to engage with your information for a longer time? Provide them with the best & creative content, and they won’t get bored. Content is an essential component of web design. It delivers all the necessary information and attracts their attention in a most creative way. An effective content contains readable articles, catchy & small pieces of information, creative videos, audios, images and so on.

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Responsive design is becoming an important point to consider while designing a web site nowadays. A large number of people visit websites from their smartphones. Be its e-commerce sites, blogs, business sites or anything they are looking for; they find it easier to Google in their phones or tablets. It is not possible to carry a laptop with them all the time after all. This is why responsive web design is becoming so much popular among web designers. Not having a responsive web design is like risking a great number of people who want to visit a website.

Responsive web design is the modern web design component as this generation can’t afford to waste time on an unimpressive web page. A website should be clear enough to understand. It means it should serve the purpose for what it has been designed. Purposeless and confusing web design never impress people. It should be visually attractive highly as well. It must contain a carefully planned color scheme, patterns, layout, etc. Apart from all these important web design components, SEO is something undeniable. It helps businesses to attract a lot of traffic to their website using keywords etc. Therefore web designers keep in mind using SEO tactics to make a site actually useful practically.

Introduction to Web Designing & Its Components

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